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SRD Technology UK Introduce Microsoft 365 Secure


Here at SRD we are always thinking of new ways we can help you get the most of value-added services. It's why we've created a new product that protects your business from both ends of the spectrum. With Microsoft 365 Secure, your users receive a multi-layered approach to secure their data.

What's Included in Microsoft 365 Secure?

Microsoft 365

Vade Secure

Defends against advanced spear-phishing, malware and ransomware attacks with global threat intelligence to predict zero-day threats. Bolts onto Exchange Online Protection.


Unlimited backup storage with agentless, cloud-to-cloud daily backups. All data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest, with point-in-time restoration.

Benefits of choosing Microsoft 365 Secure

  1. Added value - If one of your employees clicked on a phishing email and your business data was held to ransom, what would be your solution? How long would it take you to restore data from backups? Vade Secure and Acronis could be an easy solution.

  2. The best of 365 - Includes all the productivity apps your users know and love such as Email, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.

  3. Save time - If the worst should happen, you could be spending hours retrieving data. With Microsoft 365 Secure, you can retrieve data in minutes with instant restore and quick email and backup search.

  4. Best Protection on the market against unknown threats - Multi-level encryption to safeguard your data and 360 - degrees email protection against the most complex attacks for complete peace of mind.


By using AI and machine learning algorithms, Vade Secure identifies and predicts new threats from previous patterns, enabling its 24/7 global threat intelligence to reliably identify one-off spear phishing emails, sensitive data requests, and zero-day malware hidden in executable files, PDFs, Office documents and more. It bolts onto EOP as a complementary layer of security, enhancing protection by building technical profiles for individuals you regularly communicate with.

As it’s fully integrated with Microsoft’s API for Microsoft 365, we can easily deploy Vade Secure for you in minutes without needing to change the MX record or complete complex configurations. It’s easy for us to activate the solution within the administration portal in one click. Plus, there’s no need to worry about a separate quarantine as Vade Secure will take care of this for you.


Many users often fail to realise that Microsoft doesn’t back up data in Microsoft 365, it only replicates data in the cloud as a redundancy feature. While Exchange Online Archiving

is available as an add-on for Microsoft 365 Business plans, it doesn’t give you granular, point-in-time recovery that’s available with Acronis. Featuring unlimited backup storage, we can quickly and easily back up your Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive data without any complex configuration through agentless, cloud-to-cloud backup. The solution instantly protects mailboxes, distribution groups, in-place archives, folders, messages, calendar events, tasks, contacts, journal entries and notes, and you’ll easily be able to preview and search for content directly within the Acronis portal. Plus, with point-in-time recovery, Acronis can easily restore previous file versions, shortening recovery time objectives (RTOs) and helping you comply with regulatory requirements.

For further information on Microsoft 365 Secure, please get in touch with SRD Technology UK today.

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