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We specialise in offering market-leading solutions that allow your business to fully function in the cloud or alongside existing technology.

Introducing Microsoft 365 Secure

We're always thinking of new ways we can help you get the most of value-added services. It's why we've created a new product that protects your business from both ends of the spectrum. With Microsoft 365 Secure, your users receive a multi-layered approach to secure their data. 


What's Included in Microsoft 365 Secure?

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Microsoft 365 
Choose from 10 available options, including Exchange Online Plan 1, Business Basic, Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium. 

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Vade Secure
 Defends against advanced spear-phishing, malware and ransomware attacks with global threat intelligence to predict zero-day threats. Bolts onto Exchange Online Protection. 

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Unlimited backup storage with agentless, cloud-to-cloud daily backups. All data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest, with point-in-time restoration. 

Benefits of choosing
Microsoft 365 Secure

Added value - If one of your employees clicked on a phishing email and your business data was held to ransom, what would be your solution? How long would it take you to restore data from backups? Vade Secure and Acronis could be an easy solution. 
The best of 365 - Includes all the productivity apps your users know and love such as Email, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.
Save time - If the worst should happen, you could be spending hours retrieving data. With Microsoft 365 Secure, you can retrieve data in minutes with instant restore and quick email and backup search. 
Best Protection on the market against unknown threats - Multi-level encryption to safeguard your data and 360 - degrees email protection against the most complex attacks for complete peace of mind. 

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Microsoft Business Voice

Microsoft Business Voice is an addon to Microsoft Teams and a comprehensive all-in-one communication system designed for small and medium businesses .


The cloud-based solution works seamlessly with the entire Microsoft 365 suite for easy, straightforward management. Business Voice combines audio visual calls, instant messaging and voice calls together in one simple and convenient application which can be used on any device with a connection anywhere, anytime!

Benefits include:

Audio Conferencing 

The audio conferencing feature in Microsoft Business Voice allows you to host conference calls when you are offline or when Microsoft Teams is not available. This gives you greater flexibility for each online meeting with participants of up to 250 people with a specific dial-in number.  

Business Level Phone System

The secure and standard calling features such as voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID and shared phone lines come as part of the Microsoft Teams Phone package. 

Straightforward Billing & Easy Management Setup with Microsoft Business Voice phone businesses are able to save money and time by using a single communication provider. Furthermore, businesses have greater control of their phone systems from within their admin console in Office 365 so can easily make minor changes if required. 

Competitive Calling Plans

The plans offered as part of Microsoft Business Voice can include 1200 domestic minutes to local landlines and mobile networks within the UK. Furthermore, you can easily get new numbers or port your existing phone numbers without an additional charge. If you operate overseas you can get international calling plans as an add-on. 

SRD Bespoke Application Development 

With an expert team in Microsoft .NET, SQL Server and software development we develop and integrate effective applications for your business or team that can transform how your people work and how your clients interact with you.

Do you need bespoke Microsoft .NET software for the web, cloud, desktop or mobile? Do you have an existing application that is no longer fit for purpose or supported? We can help. We'll take time to listen and understand, we'll be proactive in recommending solutions and you'll get a lot of expert advice along the way.

Bespoke .NET Application Development

Many organisations, from growing businesses to leading charities and established enterprises across a range of industries, rely on software applications as integral components to business operation.

As software specialists, our team have developed quality, bespoke, Microsoft .NET solutions for many such clients.

Bespoke Applications are simply applications that are not available off the shelf but which are developed explicitly for precise business needs. The result is a solution that fits exactly what is required without paying for unnecessary add-ons, features or licences. Bespoke applications can then be continually maintained, improved and updated over time and as requirements grow.

SQL Server Monitoring & Virtual DBA Service

The need for a Database Administration Service

The rapid rise in the volume of databases and data collected by SME and Enterprise organisations means that security, reliability, disaster recovery, high availability and monitoring are more important than ever.

Increasingly, organisations have a DBA (Database Administrator) requirement but do not have the need (or the budget) for a full time qualified resource. Our Virtual DBA Service accommodates those needs via regular planned activities as well as an SLA backed support package.

Benefits of the Virtual DBA Service 

Extended Skills Availability 

Database administrators are technically qualified people dedicated to the maintenance of databases, including data quality, DR, HA and performance. However, there are times your organisation will need technical or strategic skills outside of this technical arena, such as planning for GDPR, PCI Compliance, Data Protection Act, Systems integration and ISO regulations. All of which require a different skillset. 

Our Virtual DBA service gives you the flexibility to call on any or all of these skills from our pool of experienced consultants. 

Cost Efficiency 

Your cost are more efficient because you only pay for the time that you need a DBA and not a permanent team member. 


Access to Complimentary Resources 

Database related work often requires skillsets or consultancy outside of DBA sphere of knowledge such as application migration or virtualisation provisioning. 


Using out Virtual DBA Service will give your organisation access to a plethora of knowledge and expertise from other industry professionals in related areas.

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